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    3D measuring equipment
    3D measuring equipment

    Application: This equipment is mainly used for measuring the plane dimension, height, depth, form and position tolerance of ultra precision electronic components. It adopts 3D linear scanning laser sensor to scan and measure the flatness, and can rec

    Flatness detection equipment for mobile phone middle frame
    Flatness detection equipment...

    Application field: This equipment is mainly used for hardware flatness, profile, height and dimension measurement. The function of the equipment adopts manipulator, with high-speed motion control software and precision measurement function, which can

    PSA high speed laminating equipment co-t500
    PSA high speed laminating ...

    The application field is mainly used for automatic on-line lamination of auxiliary materials (PSA film, label, PI, etc.) in 3C and FPC assembly process. The track conveying structure is adopted, the X, Y axes driven by linear motor and CCD camera sca




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    Dongguan Xiaoke Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., established on November 24, 2014, is located in Xianxi Industrial Zone, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. At present, there are more than 50 employees, including nearly 30 R & D personnel. They have digested and absorbed the most advanced unsupervised learning and self supervised learning neural network technology, and have developed artificial intelligence image processing software. 3D measurement, flatness measurement, visual detection, tin ball detection, AI appearance detection are widely used in automatic detection of various industries. Taking deep learning technology as the core and integrating with different technologies, we independently developed the artificial intelligence image vision software. Since its inception, through continuous implementation of investment in technology research and development, technological innovation, access to more than a dozen product patents.
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